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The Queen Silva Nursing Award is an international competition for nurses and nursing students, engaging the brightest minds and their most creative ideas to raise the nursing profession. Supported by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden. The application for 2021 is closed.

Winners receive

€ 6000 Prize
Diploma from HM Queen Silvia of Sweden
Tailor-made Learning Opportunities
International Networking
Award Ceremony in Stockholm

To strengthen the nursing profession while encouraging healthcare improvements

The global shortage of nurses coupled with rapidly ageing societies places enormous pressure on healthcare systems today.  Unfortunately, nursing, especially older people and dementia nursing, remains an undervalued profession. The Queen Silvia Nursing Award gives voice and recognition to creative and problem-solving nursing talent.


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Supported by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden

It is my utmost conviction that the future of quality care lies in the ability to motivate the next generation of  nurses to be more creative, more driven and even more dedicated to the cause.

Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden

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Winner Stories

”Wait! I Remember!” Dementia Software App

My mother-in-law, living with both dementia and Parkinson's disease, murmurs, "I forget" quite often. What if dementia patients had a software app addressing the memory loss, isolation from family and friends during COVID-19, and the need for mental stimulation? What if this app also included all of their current medical and self-care needs as well as current caregivers and daily schedule? The app would also contain some of the patients life prior to memory loss.

My idea is ”Wait! I Remember!” -a three-part software app for tablets.

Part one: compilation of patient information, including appointments, self-care, medications, and allergies.

Part two: descriptions of caregivers, doctors, family/friends, personal history of the patient with photos and videos.

Part three: matching games from Part two content. Friends and family could upload photos, stories, and videos to be posted and cataloged on Part two.

When a dementia patient poses a question, the caregiver refers the patient to the app to and the answer.

The overall goal being patient engagement and reducing caregiver fatigue. During COVID-19, the app would help bring family and friends into the patient's world virtually keeping all of us safe. At the same time, the patient could play matching games that reflect their current life but also past memories.

Family could upload funny stories, pictures of grandkids or previous pets and the patient could match those pictures with names to stimulate brain activity and reduce the isolation of COVID-19.

Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Absn) student at The University Of Washington School Of Nursing

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Nurses or nursing students - get the recognition you deserve! All ideas are welcome!
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Nurses or nursing students - get the recognition you deserve! All ideas are welcome!
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