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An interview with Sweden's Sara Rosenberg

Sara Rosenberg is the 2022 winner of the Queen Silvia Nursing Award nurse and nursing student category in Sweden. Here is a short interview translated from the original Swedish version published earlier this year.

Hello Sara! Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Sara and I am 27 years old. I live with my partner, Linus, and our animals in an apartment just outside Malmö. We have two female cats named, Keso and Freja; a 7-month old mixed breed dog named Kira; and a 2-year old chameleon named Merlin! Since I was a child, animals are and have always been one of my biggest interests.

In my spare time, Kira and I usually go to dog courses. My partner and I usually spend time with loved ones and I have recently become interested in knitting! Right now I'm knitting my 5th pair of ragg socks. I may even venture into knitting a cardigan in 2023!

I have previously worked as an animal keeper in animal hospitals and veterinary clinics, but also as a soldier. During my years as a soldier, my interest in the nursing profession was awakened in connection with various medical education programs.

What made you decide to become a nurse?

I chose to study nursing primarily because there is a great variety and development opportunities in the profession. I have completed term 3 and really feel how the commitment and empathy for people in all its forms has been turned up to a whole new level within me. I want to be able to make a difference and contribute to increased well-being in healthcare, and I will be able to do that as a nurse. At this time, I don't really know where I want to end up after my studies. I'm looking forward to gaining greater insight into the options available!

Can you tell us more about the background of your winning idea for the shower coat?

I thought about the shower coat when I was working at a nursing home for the first time. I immediately felt that the shower situation was very alienating for the person being washed, especially when I was walking alongside them, as I was mostly standing and watching. This brought up thoughts of person-centred care and integrity. I also noticed that some individuals with cognitive impairment didn't really understand why I asked them to undress before showering, so the idea of changing into another item of clothing (like the shower coat, for example) instead of undressing could be an effective method.

What specific event or situation made you come up with the idea?

My idea offers an alternative where there aren't really many today. I hope that my idea inspires others to try to find solutions, even in everyday problems, instead of just being aware of the problems and accepting them.

What are your expectations for your year as a winner?

During my year as a winner, I hope to meet inspiring people, gain better insight into elderly care and specifically in the field of dementia/cognitive impairment. I also hope that I will meet individuals and visit companies that are working to provide our elderly with the care and attention they deserve!


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