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An Interview with Finland's Karoliina Tiura

Karoliina is the first practical nurse to win the QSNA in Finland. We asked Karoliina a few questions to get to know her better.

Please introduce yourself, Karoliina!

I am Karoliina Tiura. I am a 30-year-old mother of two boys. I moved from Tampere to Toijala a few years ago, but I still work at Etelä-Hervanta home care in Tampere.

My family also includes my husband Lee and three dogs. Our family is bilingual, as my husband is from England.

My hobbies include hiking in national parks, music, painting and seasonal outdoor sports. I love nature in the north and I go up north every now and then to take a break from my hectic everyday life.

What made you choose to work in the care sector?

Going into the care sector was a natural choice for me. I am a people-oriented and caring person. I am at my best when working under pressure, so nursing seemed a natural fit.

Can you tell us a bit more about the memory and colouring book you created - was there a pivotal moment that made you come up with the idea and go for it?

With my memory and colouring book, I was sure that somehow I was going to get it on the market. When I saw the QSNA advertisement, I thought now would be the right time to try my wings with my idea. My idea was sparked during a memory care training course when I noticed my client's drawings on the doorframe.

Karoliina, you are the first QSNA winner from the Finnish practical nurse category. What do you expect from your winning year?

My expectations for my winning year are high. I will meet amazing people, learn new things, deepen my professional skills and broaden my horizons. I will make progress on my book and have the opportunity to expand my networks. I hope that the Winning Year will be a springboard for my career development.

(Photo: Karoliina is seen in front of her Tiny Dancer series of paintings. The photo was at her first solo exhibition.)


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