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An Award for Global Nursing Talent

Without nurses, our communities would not be able to thrive, develop and innovate. A nurse’s impact can be experienced far and wide, from educating patients and the public on prevention methods, to health promotion, rehabilitation, and support. We are proud to share this prestigious opportunity with new organisations to elevate the nurses in your region.

The Queen Silvia Nursing Award is a form of recognition unlike any other.

Establish The Award in Your Region

Originally available only in Sweden, the Queen Silvia Nursing Award now spans many regions and several continents. Selected partners in a number of countries have joined the network to establish the Award locally.

Main Partners receive the support and guidance to drive the Queen Silvia Nursing Award in their region.

Five Reasons to Establish the Award in Your Region

Nurture up-and-coming nursing talent

Impact the expansion and resilience of a thriving professional network

Network with industry stakeholders locally and internationally

Meet healthcare stakeholders locally and internationally, leading to new opportunities

Create better visibility and engagement with the nursing community

Move to the forefront of cultivating nursing & healthcare leaders of today and tomorrow

Encourage positive change for nurses in your region

Participation enhances visibility

Align your strategy

Be seen by the industry and peers as a pioneer in the healthcare space.

Having someone from the outside such as Her Majesty Queen Silvia, who highlights and encourages and is the cheerleader in a very positive way, is something that we need.

The competition is gaining traction in Poland and is becoming very much supported by the nursing field, the academic, and educational institutions, as well as at government levels. So, we’re very happy that we have this award to be able to create this dialogue.



Main Country Partner Poland, President of Medicover

We can lift the voices of nurses together

Together, we can raise the voices and impact of nurses worldwide. The Queen Silvia Nursing Award raises the bar for excellence in nursing, and we look forward to learning more about your organization as a potential Main Partner of the program.

Please contact us today to begin a dialogue.

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