Queen Silvia Nursing Award

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We are a team of innovators who help nurses and nursing students unveil their talent. We spearhead the Queen Silvia Nursing Award - a formal designation backed by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden - to foster positive change, growth, innovation and excellence in the field of nursing, especially geriatric nursing. The award is available to both practicing nurses and nursing students.

The award was founded by Swedish Care International and the Forum For Elderly Care. Swedish Care International (SCI) is a Stockholm-based organization dedicated to driving cross-disciplinary engagement and awareness in the global challenges of ageing demographics and the prevalence of dementia in societies. The Award is currently available in several countries through a close partnership with selected Main Country Partners and local Partners.

Why Does This Award Exist?

The global shortage of nurses coupled with rapidly ageing societies places enormous pressure on healthcare systems today.  Unfortunately, nursing, especially older people and dementia nursing, remains an undervalued profession. Despite their vital role in holding up every healthcare environment they enter, nurses often remain under-appreciated.

The Queen Silvia Nursing Award gives voice and recognition to creative and problem-solving nursing talent. It encourages progressive, thoughtful, and smart ideas through healthy competition, which in turn helps strengthen nursing studies, the nursing profession and nursing opportunities while improving our worldwide health capabilities.

Her Majesty
Queen Silvia of Sweden

The Queen Silvia Nursing Award was founded in 2012 as a birthday gift for Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden in honor of her many years of advocacy and engagement for nurses as well as the quality of care for older people and people living with a dementia diagnosis.

Her Majesty Queen Silvia has a long-standing association with, and support of, dementia care and caregiving since the 1990s when her late mother was diagnosed with dementia. Her Majesty has lent her name and support to a number of Swedish initiatives including her dementia foundation Stiftelsen Silviahemmet which provides dementia care training and certification programs; the Dementia Forum X global summits on dementia and the Queen Silvia Nursing Award.  In recognition of Her Majesty’s dedication to the elderly and dementia care sphere, The Queen was named an Honorary Ambassador of Alzheimer’s Disease International in December 2018.

Every year, Her Majesty awards the winners of Queen Silvia Nursing Award.


The Queen Silvia Nursing Award was established in 2012, and the first winner was announced in 2013 on the 23rd of December – on the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden.

Initially available in Sweden only, the scholarship expanded to Finland in 2014. The Queen Silvia Nursing Award in Sweden and Finland is spearheaded by Swedish Care International and the Forum For Elderly Care.

In 2016, the Queen Silvia Nursing Award continued its expansion and was launched in Poland through a new collaboration with Medicover Foundation, part of Medicover Poland.

The scholarship was further established in Germany in 2017 through a collaboration with St. Anna Stift, Kroge and Förderverein Anna Wassenberg.

In 2020, the Award was brought to Lithuania by Addere Care, as well as the University of Washington School of Nursing, USA.  With the unprecedented impact of the worldwide pandemic in 2020, the Queen Silvia Nursing Award was thematically focused on ideas or solutions to improve COVID-19 response in healthcare environments.

In 2021, the Award was brought to São Paulo State, Brazil by ViBe Saúde and is again focusing on ideas to improve older people and dementia care.

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